SIS develops and mantains a number of software for research data management and data analysis.


openBIS is an open platform for managing scientific information. Its purpose is to support research data workflows from bench to publication. openBIS facilitates reproducibility of scientific results by keeping track of all relevant information on procedures, original and derived research data, analysis methods and knowledge resources.


SIS developed an extension to openBIS that allows to combine an ELN and a LIMS with a powerful data management platform: openBIS ELN-LIMS. Having such an integrated system in a lab guarantees that the full history of the data, from bench to publication, is captured in one single place, where it can be conveniently accessed by anyone with sufficient rights. openBIS ELN-LIMS can help scientists in ensuring not only that their data is safely stored, but also that it is safely reproducible.


The software application Mass Spec Software environment emzed was developed to facilitate development of individual analysis workflows for liquid chromatography-mass spectroscopy (LCMS) data.


beeWM is a workflow manager designed to interact with openBIS. It can handle different types of analysis workflows (e.g. genomics, image analysis). beeWM gathers data from openBIS, it sends it to a compute cluster where the analysis runs and then sends the results back to openBIS.


SIS YouScope is a microscopy measurement and acquisition automation software. Based on the initial version of YouScope, developed by Moritz Lang at D-BSSE, SIS Youscope offers stability, improved performance and usability in the creation of measurement workflows of any complexity. SIS YouScope is an open source project, built on top of Micromanager, and thus is compatible with a wide range of microscopy hardware and configurations.