SIS has several collaborations and projects running with ETH groups in D-BSSE, D-BIOL, D-HEST, D-GESS. We are also involved in a few Swiss-wide and Europe-wide initiatives, listed below.

swissuniversities manages a program on "scientific information: access, processing and safeguarding" called P-5 (Link). SIS is a partner in two projects which are part of this program.

Enhancing Research through IT Expertise - EnhanceR

EnhanceR (Link) is a national initiative to provide specialised research IT support to the Swiss research academic sector. It achieves this goal by federating Research IT specialist groups at various academic institutions across Switzerland.

Through EnhanceR, research organisations can receive support from leading experts in their fields on a range of topics including:

  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Code developement and improvement
  • Porting to new infrastructures and cloud migration
  • Tool and support service development
  • Testing and benchmarking across infrastructures
  • Specialised data analysis
  • External funding proposal development

Data Life Cycle Management - DLCM

The primary objective of the DLCM project (Link) is to provide sustainable and tangible solutions at a national level to implement research data life-cycle management (DLCM). Building on existing resources and tools, including the SIS openBIS, at national and international levels, DLCM targets the setting up of the needed services that will allow efficient managing of active research data, and ensure publication, long-term reference and preservation of subsets of data selected by researchers.

In addition, SIS is also a partner in the project FAIRDOM.


FAIRDOM (Link) supports researchers, students, trainers, funders and publishers by enabling Systems Biology projects to make their Data, Operating procedures and Models, Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. It is a European project with partners from the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. In Switzerland, the effort is funded via

To this end, the proven data management systems openBIS and SEEK will be federated into a new system openSEEK. ETH Scientific IT Services is one of the five partners in the the FAIRDOM consortium which is funded by national funding bodies from Switzerland, Germany and the UK.

What are FAIR principles about?

Make projects, people, catalogue of assets searchable. Link models, samples, data, SOPs.

Manage and store your data, samples and models ("assets"), give and manage access to items, provide versioning.

Based on Standards, with support for Curation. Provide plug-ins and APIs to interlink with tools and other platforms.

Enable reproducible research and consistent reporting. Simulate models with experimental data. Give Digial Object Identifiers (DOIs) to data and model items.