Swiss Institute of Bioinformatic (SIB)

SIS is a member group of Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics ( thus provides bioinformatic support to the researchers who need to analyze their data in the areas of life sciences and biomedical research.

BioMedIT Network, SPHN, PHRT, dTIP, LOOP

SIS is part of the secure national BioMedIT network and represents the SIS Node Zurich. SIS supports the research projects in the national Swiss Personalized Health Network SPHN and in the Personalized Health and Related Technologies PHRT programs. Furthermore, SIS collaborates with the digital Trial Intervention Platform of ETH Zurich dTIP and with the LOOP Zurich translational research center.

EnhanceR Association

EnhanceR Association is a nationally and internationally recognized network for Swiss research IT expertise.

Swiss Data Science Center

We collaborate closely with SDSC.