Intended Audience

The course is focused to introduce programming to people who never did any programming before, thus the course has a low pace and might be too slow for attendees who programmed in Python or another programming language already.

Please have a look at our Python introduction crash coures in case you have previous programming experience.


The content of the course is structured as follows:

  1. General Introduction
  2. Types and basic mathematical computations
  3. Introduction to PyCharm
  4. Branching (if / elif / else)
  5. Looping (for, while, break, continue)
  6. Working with strings
  7. Writing and reading files
  8. Container types (list, dictionaries)
  9. Writing own functions

Lessons are usually structured as follows:

  1. introductory presentation including repeating important concepts from the previous lesson and presenting and discussing solutions for the given home work
  2. introduction to the next topic
  3. independent learning based on the offered script

In addition to the lessons attendees will have to spend up to 5 hours per week for home work, please consider this if you apply for the course.

In case of further questions please contact