We (Scientific IT Services) provide research-centric compute resources and services to individual professors and research groups, to institutes or to entire departments of ETH Zurich. We support you in science IT related tasks which are critical to the success of your group and projects. We work in close interaction with your team members either on-site (i.e. at your group's location) or back at SIS offices to coordinate and discuss issues with other experts in SIS.

To be able to provide these resources and services, we rely on you, our scientific customers. We offer subscription plans for expert services, shareholder model for computing resources and consulting projects. SIS is also able to work as a sub-contractor in third-party funded research projects with participation of at least one ETH group.

Subscription for Expert Services

Departments, institutes, scientific facilities and research groups can get a SIS subscription for expert services. We (you and us) will mutually agree on the size (i.e. FTE percentages per year of SIS expertise dedicated to you), scope (what should be covered by SIS in the subscription) and how the resources provided by SIS will be governed.

If you are interested in such a SIS subscription and want to know the details, please contact us via sis.helpdesk@ethz.ch.

Shareholder for HPC cluster

Since 1999, all central clusters at ETH Zurich have been financed by their users. Each research group that has invested in a cluster is entitled to use a share of its resources proportional to its investment. This shareholder model is very elastic and allows a group to use often (far) more resources than what they bought during peaks. A small part of the Euler cluster, which has been financed by Scientific IT Services, is open to all members of ETH. This public share allows guest users to run small computations (subject to certain CPU and RAM limits) at no cost.

Professors, institutes or departments can become shareholders by financing compute nodes in Euler or Leonhard. The terms and conditions are described in the corresponding service level agreement. The service owner is Olivier Byrde, head of the HPC Group (cluster-support@id.ethz.ch).

Customer (shareholder) for Leonhard Med platform

Leonhard Med is a secure, powerful, and versatile scientific data and computing platform to transfer, store, manage and analyze sensitive research data. Leonhard Med is provisioned and operated by the Scientific IT Services (SIS). At the national level, SIS with the Leonhard Med platform is part of the BioMedIT network, representing the BioMedIT node Zurich.

Leonhard Med is secure by design (very high level of protection compared to normal IT infrastructures) and compliant with Swiss and ETH regulations for data protection.

Sensitive data requires special cybersecurity measures to protect the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of data and to protect the Privacy of individuals.

Leonhard Med is offered to customers (shareholders) under a standard Service Level Agreement Leonhard Med Secure Scientific Platform. The current pricing and subscription options are listed in the price model. Find our more at Sensitive Research Data

Leonhard Med is suitable for sensitive data from any research area (medicine, social and political sciences, economics, environmental sciences etc.). Specialized use cases (e.g. not related to research) may be supported and are subject to specific rules.

Please contact the Leonhard Med Service desk for inquiries and service ordering.


We assist you to plan, establish and improve data analysis strategies for research projects in early stages as well as during a running project. Together with you, we discuss your computing problem, clarify open questions, analyze the issue and suggest solution options.

A consulting project may be the starting point for obtaining other SIS services, like buying a compute share on the HPC clusters or starting a custom software development project, or we may just be able to point you to an existing (open-source) software tool or identify an existing service or resource that you could use.

Beyond high performance computing and data management we specialize in fields as bio-informatics, statistics, machine learning, chemo-informatics and signal or image processing.

For any requests and questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (sis.helpdesk@ethz.ch).