Scientific Computing Services

We op­er­ate se­ver­al com­pute clus­ters des­igned for High Per­form­ance Com­put­ing, Big Da­ta Ana­lytics and Ma­chine Learn­ing. Learn More

Data Science Support

We of­fer da­ta science and ma­chine learn­ing sup­port to al­low re­search­ers to un­co­ver hid­den pat­terns in their data. Learn More

Software Development

We pro­fess­ion­ally de­vel­op and main­tain soft­ware spe­ci­fic to the needs of our cus­tom­ers which can run on a desk­top or in a brow­ser. Learn More

Scientific Visualization

We of­fer scien­ti­fic vi­sual­iza­tion sup­port to re­search­ers, al­low­ing them to gain great­er ins­ight and un­der­stand­ing of their scien­ti­fic da­ta. Learn More

Consulting and Training

We con­sult on so­lu­tions for com­put­ing and pro­gramm­ing prob­lems and of­fer cour­ses on va­ri­ous scien­ti­fic com­put­ing to­pics. Learn More

Research Data Management

We of­fer so­lu­tions for man­ag­ing and pub­lish­ing re­search da­ta. Learn More

Research Data Analysis

We of­fer a va­rie­ty of ser­vi­ces for anal­yzing re­search da­ta. Learn More

Personalized Health Data Services

We pro­vide large vol­ume da­ta man­age­ment, anal­y­sis, in­ter­op­er­abil­ity, shar­ing and se­cu­ri­ty so­lu­tions for da­ta dri­ven bio­med­ical re­search. Learn More