Past Events

10 Aug 2022
Research Data Management Workshop Series

Scientists nowadays collect ever larger amounts of data that have to be stored, interpreted and shared.

Furthermore, new guidelines and policies regarding data management are regularly issued by funding agencies, journals or academic institutions. As a result, successful research data management has become both a key skill and a major challenge for many scientists.

In collaboration with ETH Library, we participate in a workshop series of eight consecutive workshops focusing on the various elements of research data management and the research data life cycle.

The first workshop on Research Data Management Basics will start on September 28, 2022. Subsequent workshops will run throughout October and November.

Further information and registration is available here.

04 Jul 2022
New guidelines for Research Data Management at ETH Zurich

Professional research data management (RDM) is a key factor for excellent research and an integral component of good scientific practice. In recent months, the Open Science working group of ETH Zurich – with the active involvement of the ETH research community – has drafted guidelines for RDM at ETH Zurich and systematically linked them with the Integrity Guidelines. The working group is drawn from different ETH divisions, among them the Research Commission, ETH Library and SIS. The new guidelines for research data management have been approved by the ETH Executive Board in June and came into effect on July 1. SIS supports researchers in the implementation of the new guidelines by offering different RDM services and a secure data and IT platform for management and processing of confidential and strictly confidential Research Data (Leonhard Med).

20 Jun 2022
Research Data Management Summer School

After the pandemic the RDM Summerschool organized by ETH Library happened last week in-person again!

SIS was involved teaching data management and reproducible data analysis. We also contributed several workshops:

  • Introduction to research data managemeng using openBIS
  • Tools and platforms for reproducible data analysis
  • Version control using git
  • Secure Handling of Strictly Confidential and Confidential Data for Research

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