How our software development team can support you

Software can make a significant contribution to research, by automating tasks the efficiency of daily work can be improved whilst reducing the rate of error at the same time. Our team consists of professional software engineers as well as programmers from various scientific disciplines and our support includes development and maintenance of software such as software for research data management and data analysis as well as taking over code custodianship for existing programming code.

Our experts are fluent in programming languages such as Python, R, Java, JavaScript, C and C++ and are familiar with latest programming tools, libraries and frameworks.

Software for the scientific community

Existing software can present a number of issues. Software might be slow, have high memory consumption, be difficult to maintain, or lack usability and visibility due to improper packaging and deployment. We either develop software from ground up or help you to improve existing code. Our expertise ranges from data bases and user interfaces to interactive visualisation, scientific simulations, numerical algorithms and high performance computing.

Publishing usually is not enough to allow other researchers to verify results. Often, supplementary materials such as source code and measurement data are required. We help you to prepare and polish code prior to publication and to make it more robust such that it also runs reliably in different environments.

Long term code custodianship

Many research labs rely on internally developed software, which can put scientific progress at risk if group members leave. One of our services is to take over existing code bases and help to fix bugs and improve or extend the code. We also help your team members work on the code and to apply best programming practices to ensure future maintainability.

UI for existing data or software

To increase the impact of curated research data, easy and efficient accessibility can be crucial. Our experts implement interactive and robust user interfaces or extend and improve existing implementations to make your work accessible by a world wide community.


openBIS is a FAIR open platform for managing scientific information. Its purpose is to support research data workflows from bench to publication. As a combined data management platform, electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) and laboratory information management system (LIMS), openBIS facilitates reproducibility of scientific results by keeping track of all relevant information on procedures, original and derived research data, analysis methods and knowledge resources. openBIS is a complete data management solution for quantitative research labs.

Big workflow and data management

If data management or processing is presenting issues, SIS can provide custom workflow solutions built on top of the openBIS data management platform. This ensures the reproducibility of results, and that data provenance is recorded.


Our support includes offering existing courses and to tailor courses to our customers demands.

Examples for regularly offered courses are: