The clusters

SIS operates, manages and supports three powerful and reliable computing clusters with around 80,000 CPU cores available for scientific calculations.

  • Euler is a large CPU & GPU cluster designed for high-performance and high-throughput applications.
  • Leonhard Med is a CPU & GPU cluster designed for biomedical application with sensitive data.

These clusters are equipped with high-speed networks and parallel high-performance file systems. A rich set of commercial and open-source scientific software are centrally installed and can be loaded as modules. The IBM load sharing facility (LSF) manages and schedules your submitted calculations to compute nodes. More detailed information, user documentation and application lists are provided in the SciComp Wiki.

The cluster users receive supports from our HPC team by sending questions to

In addition, SIS also offer consulting and services in Scientific Computing which can help you optimize your code and workflows, and use computing resources more efficiently.

Shareholder model

Since 1999, all central clusters at ETH have been financed by their users. Each research group that invested in a cluster is entitled to use a share of its resources proportional to its investment. This shareholder model is very elastic and allows a group to use (far) more resources than what they bought during peaks. A small part of the Euler cluster, which was financed by Scientific IT Services, is open to all members of ETH. This public share allows guest users to run small computations (subject to certain CPU and RAM limits) at no cost.

Professors, institutes or departments can become shareholders by financing compute nodes in Euler or Leonhard. The terms and conditions are described in the corresponding service level agreement. The service owner is Olivier Byrde, head of the HPC Group.


We regularly organizes workshops for beginner and advanced cluster users. In collaboration with software developers, we also organize workshops for particular applications and tools.

Please check the list of our past and upcoming workshops here.