The Aebersold Lab at the Institute of Molecular Systems Biology (Web Site) is developing and using novel technologies to analyze protein compositions of diverse biological samples. The group has developed and is leading in the use of the new SWATH technology to get measurement data from their samples with an unprecedented accuracy for a data independent approach. When fully leveraging the advantages of the new approach, data volumes and complexity are going up steeply, creating the need for stable and scalable software analysis workflows.

In close collaboration with members of the Aebersold Lab, we established the iPortal data analysis workflow based on the OpenSWATH software, as well as gUSE and openBIS. Easy to use through a web interface, scalable for simultaneous analysis of hundreds of samples, backed with intelligent error reporting and handling, iPortal became quickly a viable tool in the lab and is today an indispensable part of SWATH data analysis process for many lab members.

Wizard for starting a new analysis.

Workflow viewer.

Control monitor for workflow runs.