How to get resources and services from SIS

We provide research-centric compute resources and services to professors, institutes and departments of ETH Zürich which are critical to the success of your group and projects. To be able to provide these resources and services, we rely on you, our scientific customers. We offer subscription plans for computing power, as well as for expert services. SIS is also able to work as a sub-contractor in third-party funded research projects with participation of at least one ETH group. If you have a subsription or project with us, you can contact our helpdesk (

Subscription for Expert Services

As a department, institute, scientific facility or research group, you can get a subscription for expert services from SIS. A subscription starts from 1 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) for 2 years, but can be larger and longer if needed. We (you and us) will mutually agree on what should be covered by the subscription and how the resources provided by SIS will be governed.

If you are interested and want to know the details, please contact Bernd Rinn (

"Shareholder model" for HPC computing power

For the central HPC clusters at ETH, we have a long tradition of offering compute "shareholderships". A "shareholder" can be a single professor, or an institute, or even a whole department. Each shareholder is guaranteed a fraction of CPU time (or memory, storage, GPUs) proportional to his/her financial investment. The "shareholdership" in essence is a subscription for compute power on an ETH HPC cluster, which is valid for four years (i.e. the life-time of compute node). A small part of the cluster financed by IT Services is made available to all members of ETH as a free public service.

If you are interested and want to learn about the details, please contact Olivier Byrde (